Ship Wake Detection

AssenSAR Wake Detector

(Matlab code for ship wake detection in SAR images via sparse GMC regularisation.)

This code implements a method for detecting ship wakes in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images of the sea surface. The method is based on a linear model assumption for the wakes and hence the Radon transform is employed, within an inverse problem formulation, for detecting the wakes. The cost function associated with the image formation model includes a sparsity enforcing penalty, i.e., the generalized minimax concave (GMC) function. Despite being a nonconvex function, the GMC penalty allows the overall cost function to remain convex. The proposed solution is based on a Bayesian formulation, whereby the point estimates are recovered using a maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimation.

The DOI for this software is 10.5523/bris.f2q4t5pqlix62sv5ntvq51yjy.

Download links:

via University of Bristol Research Data Repository.

via GitHub.

via ResearchGate.